This is a great essay. I feel much more connected to glaciers now. They are awesome beings with many stories to tell. I appreciate all the reseach, and presenting it in words I could understand and connect with mentally and spiritually. Thanks for sharing snippets of your life. I am glad you revisited the glaciers of your younger years. I have many pictures of the sprawling, circuitous Irawaddy. And to think it's headwaters are from glaciers in the Himalayas! Wow...not that would be a trip to see. Keep writing, keep sharing. Look forward to reading about pollinators.

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What an awesome read, & good to put a spotlight on things most of us just overlook with the arrogance of the human race!

Hopefully we ALL can start to see new glaciers form.

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That’s a hellava of a childhood Kirsten!

Thanks for providing the in-depth insights about the glaciers. I appreciate the impact they have made on you and how you view them. It’s sad too think we could lose so much so soon. I would like to think man-kind will turn things for the better.

If I were 20 years younger, I would love to join you on you upcoming rides. I probably have to settle for reading about them. Keep the stories coming!

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